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Abstract Background

About PWA

Four Women Entrepreneurs in STEM: Cate Heaman, Deborah Ward, Nancy Ridge, and Y’vonne Ormond have joined forces to empower their clients' business outcomes through digital solutions. These women have established the Power Women Alliance for the sole purpose of bringing a unique combined value to organizations across the globe.

Our Story​

Modern Office

The value of an ecosystem is based on demonstrations of successful collaboration, deep understanding of each partner’s value, agility and the cornerstone of good business; relationships.
PWA formed as result of all these dynamics. Nancy Ridge and Deb Ward have been successfully working together for over 20 years. With a background in telecom expense management, Nancy met Cate and they immediately formed a bond based on their passion for optimizing spend and reducing cost for enterprises. When one of Nancy’s clients began evaluating CRM’s, another distinguished CEO introduced Nancy to Y’vonne. The combined commitment of these dynamic female CEO’s to gender diversity, equality and inclusion, coupled with their broad scope of expertise in the essential and future world of tech made for a natural ecosystem formation.
In 2019, Nancy invited the women to formalize their collaboration and in January of 2020 the Power Women Alliance was born.

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